PC Doctor January 10, 2010

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 Dear PC Doctor,

    I currently have a Facebook account, but I've found that social networking is not for me. I would really like to permenently delete my account. I've heard that you can deactivate an account, but I want it completely removed. Is there a way for me to do this in Facebook? Thanks!
Dear Alyssa,
    There is now a straightforward way to delete your Facebook account, which until recently, was a hassle to get Facebook to do. Facebook now has a special form that you'll will need to submit, which can be found at the following link: www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account. It’s quite a link to type out, so if you would rather, you can find the form by searching "Deleting Facebook Account" at Facebook's Help Center.
    Submit the form, and for the first two weeks after submitting it do not try logging in to your account. If you do this before Facebook has removed the account, then the account will be reactivated. This will stop the deletion process. Also, be sure to turn off any applications or hardware that automatically log in to Facebook when used. Some examples of this are: chat services such as Meebo, Blackberries, iPhones, or other smartphones. It’s important for you to stay out of the account for the two weeks. After at least 2 weeks, try logging in to the account. Your username and password should now register as a non-existent login. However, if that's not the case, then you should e-mail Facebook at privacy@facebook.com or support@facebook.com. Good luck!
PC Doctor
PC Doctor's Tip of the Week: Navigating faster with your mouse
    If you spend a good deal of time working on computers throughout the day, then speed and efficiency is key for you. A simple keyboard shortcut such as Control + C and Control + V for copying and pasting saves so much time. Like keyboard shortcuts, faster mouse navigation is a great plus. Gratefully; XP, Vista, and Windows 7 all have cool mouse features for speedy mouse navigation. My favorite way to speed up my mouse is the "Snap to" setting. This setting will automatically place the mouse cursor on the default button in a dialog box. Careful with this one if your fingers a little quick to click, as the default button will not always be the one you wish to click. Another setting, (simple, but practical) is to change the speed of cursor. Activate these features by going to: Start > Control Panel > Mouse (Mouse icon) > Pointer Options tab. To enable "Snap To" click on the checkbox next to its option. To change the pointer speed, drag the adjuster to the desired setting. Be sure to check the box "Enhance the pointer precision," which is found right under the pointer speed setting. This will make the mouse easier to use, especially if you are using a laptop touchpad. Hit the Apply button and then OK. Enjoy!
Until next time… happy computing!