New Children’s Materials January 6, 2018

Latest materials for children at the Athol Public Library!

The following new materials are available for check out from the Children’s Room at the Athol Public Library:


Anthony, Michelle - My First Signs

Beecroft, Simon - Even Droids Need Friends

Beecroft, Simon - R2-D2 and Friends

Brallier, Max - A Christmas-Tastic Carol

Brooke, Samantha - Lego City: Fire in the Forest

Diaz, Joanne - Daddy Loves You So Much!

Diaz, Joanne - Mommy Loves You So Much!

Easton, Marilyn - LEGO City: All Hands on Deck!

Gray, Monique - You Hold Me Up

Herman, Gail - Scooby-Doo: Sea Monster Scare

Hubbell, Patricia - My First Airplane Ride

John, Jory - Come Home Already

Kent, Lindsey - The Adventures of Han Solo

Landers, Ace - Revenge of the Sith

Last, Shai - Can You Spot a Jedi?

Lear, Edward - The Owl and the Pussycat

Mayer, Mercer - Going to the Sea Park

Sander, Sonia - LEGO City: 3,2,1 Liftoff!

Sander, Sonia - LEGO City: Fire Truck to the Rescue

Saunders, Catherine - Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers?

Saunders, Catherine - Who Saved the Galaxy?

Say, Allen - Silent Days, Silent Dreams

Sido, Barbi - Big and Small

Smith, Noah - The Big Book of Batman

Smith, Noah - The Big Book of Superman

Steele, Michael - LEGO City: Look Out Below!

Winget, Rosie - Whiskers and Tails: Point ‘n’ Match


Cleary, Beverly - The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Howard, Kate - LEGO Ninjago: Ninja vs. Ninja

Jones, Pip - Squishy McFluff The Invisible Cat: Secret Santa

King, Trey - LEGO City: Detective Chase McCain Stop That Heist!

Montgomery, L.M. - Anne’s House of Dreams

Montgomery, L.M. - Anne of Ingleside

Montgomery, L.M. - Rainbow Valley

Montgomery, L.M. - Rilla of Ingleside

Papademetriod, Lisa - A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic

Pearl, Alexa - Tales of Sasha: Wings for Wyatt


Ostertag, Molly - The Witch Boy


Butterworth, Chris - Where Did My Clothes Come From?

Carson, Mary - Life on Mars

Dahl, Oyvind - Electronics For Kids

Diaz, Natalia - A Ticket Around The World

Haskins, Lori - Busy Tractors, Busy Days

Hooperman, Kathy - All Birds Have Anxiety


Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies

Despicable Me 3

Paddington Bear Collector’s Edition

The following art books were purchased with funds donated by Susie Feldman:

Brooks, Susie - Get Into Art: Telling Stories

Bryan, Ashley - Ashley Bryan’s Puppets

Chapman, Robyn - Drawing Comics

Chorba, April - Tissue Paper Crafts

Corfee, Stephanie - Quirky-Cute Doodles

Levete, Sarah - Maker Projects for Kids Who Love Woodworking

Ono, Mari - More Origami for Children

Rucci, Barbara - Art Workshop for Children

Schwake, Susan - 3-D Art Lab for Kids

Schwake, Susan - Art Lab for Kids

Schwake, Susan - Art Lab for Little Kids

Smith, Esther - Making Books With Kids