PC Doctor September 2, 2009

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Dear PC Doctor,
What is Skype? How does it work?
Dear Lisa,
            In short, Skype is a VoIP interface. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a technology that allows the user to hold vocal communication via the Internet instead of through the public telephone network. Popular users of this technology include AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Ventrilo, and TeamSpeak. Services such as: Skype, Vonage, and Gizmo utilize VoIP to make Internet phone calls. There is a charge on all calls to landlines or cellphones like any other phone service, but any calls to other users of the Internet phone service is free. Thus using a personal computer with a high-speed internet connection, you may replace the use of telephone land lines or even cellphones with an Internet phone service, such as Skype.
            How does it work? Spoken words received via a microphone are converted into digital signals by the Internet phone software. The computer then transmits the digital audio over the Internet, where it is received by the desired party. Software and equipment reverses the digital signals back to the original audio for the receiving party. If you're interested in utilizing Internet phone services, there is, of course, Skype (www.skype.com). Similar and compliant services can also be found at www.vonage.com and www.gizmoproject.com. Happy computing!!!
PC Doctor,
            How can I save my Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks? In the past I've lost them to a computer crash. What can I do now to back them up for easy restoration? Thanks!
Dear Larry,
            Excellent idea! I'm always forgetting to back up my bookmarks, and it usually comes back to bite me. Backing up Bookmarks is the same across most internet browsers including: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. In order to save the Bookmarks you must “export” them. For Firefox - Click Bookmarks on the upper Menu, and select Organize Bookmarks. This will open up your Bookmark Library. You should see all of your Bookmarks. Click “Import and Backup” followed by clicking “Export HTML.” Here you will be given an option to save the Bookmarks as an HTML file. For Internet Explorer - Go to File and choose “Import and Export.” Click “Next.” Under “Choose an action to perform,” select “Export Favorites.” Choose the favorites you desire to back up, “Click Next.” You will then be given an option to save the Favorites as an HTML file. (Note: IE refers to Bookmarks as Favorites.) For Google Chrome – Click the wrench in the upper right hand corner. Select “Bookmark Manager.” Following the opening of the new window, click “Tools” from the menu bar. From the drop down menu select “Export Bookmarks.” Here a new window will open, allowing you to save the Bookmarks as an HTML file.
            Since you wish to back up the Bookmarks in case of a computer crash or a reformat, you will have to save the HTML file to an external source. You may use a thumb drive, CD-R, an external hard drive, or a floppy. I would recommend labeling the HTML file well, and then saving it along with any other backed up files.
PC Doctor
Until next time… happy computing!