PC Doctor May 9, 2022

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Dear PC Doctor:

My laser printer has started doing something weird. When I print, it adds this text to the back side: “Unsupported data for Direct Print 3000.” At first, I thought maybe someone had put scrap paper in the tray, but now I’ve noticed that it’s doing it every time. What does this mean? (It’s a new-ish Brother printer.)



Dear Sal:

It’s likely that there’s something wrong with your printer driver. Give this a try: Open your Control Panel. To do this, click Start and type Control Panel in the search box. Click Devices and Printers. Using your mouse, right click on the printer and choose Remove Device. Then, download and install the full printer driver package. You’ll want to visit the Brother Help Site (https://help.brother-usa.com/) to find the right version for your printer and operating system.

I hope this helps.
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PC Doctor

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