PC Doctor June 3, 2022

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Dear PC Doctor:

Recently, I noticed that images are popping up in the lower left hand side of my startup screen on my computer. When I click in the Search box to look for a document or app, I’m bombarded with random web links, “trending” material, and other distracting things that I do not need to see when I am trying to get some work done. Can I make this go away? I’m using Windows 10 on a desktop computer.


Dear Seely:

To make those features stop showing, place your cursor in the search box at the lower left of your computer screen. Right click. You will get a menu of options. Choose Search. You will get a second menu of options. Look for Show search highlights. Click the check box to the left of those words to turn off that feature.

I hope this helps.
Until next time,
Happy Computing!
PC Doctor

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