PC Doctor January 17, 2023

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’m sending an email that has sensitive information in it. Is there a way to make it so that the recipient can’t forward it to anyone else? I do trust this person, but mistakes happen. I’m using Gmail.



Dear Private:

Actually, yes!

You can change the settings on a message so that copying, printing, forwarding, and downloading are disabled. Once you have composed your message, look for the padlock symbol. It’s at the bottom of the message screen. If you mouse over it, you’ll see the words Toggle confidential mode. Click the lock and click Save. Please note that, although confidential mode helps prevent the recipients from accidentally sharing your email, it doesn't prevent recipients from taking screenshots or photos of your messages or attachments. Recipients who have malicious programs on their computer may still be able to copy or download your messages or attachments.

I hope this helps!
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PC Doctor