PC Doctor January 28, 2023

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Dear PC Doctor:

I get so. much. email. I’ve tried to unsubscribe from everything unnecessary, but critical messages still go unanswered once they slip beyond the first page. I try to periodically use the search feature to check for projects I’m involved in and senders whose messages are important, but it’s not enough. Is there any setting that can prompt me to look at something later if I didn’t resolve it at first glance? I’m using Gmail.


Dear Pru:

Sounds like you’re using several good strategies, and Gmail has another you might like: You can actually set reminders for individual messages: When the message is open, look at the icons across the top. You’ll see a picture of a clock. If you mouse over it, you’ll see the word Snooze. To snooze a message is to give it a day and time to show back up at the top of your inbox. Click the clock. You’ll get a pop-up window asking you when you’d like to be reminded of this email message. Enter the date and time, and then click Save. That’s it! Even if you get hundreds of email messages in the interim, the one you snoozed will pop to the top of your in box at your designated time. It will also be labeled as New to better get your attention.

I hope this helps!
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