PC Doctor July 16, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

For my small business, I use the Firefox web browser because it is compatible with a package of online services I use for keeping track of inventory. However, Firefox updated recently and now my online services do not work with Firefox! I already emailed the company that makes and supports the online service and they said that they are not going to update their software and that I should just switch back to an old version of Firefox to be able to use the service once again.

I was able to install an older version of Firefox but it still keeps asking me to update. Is there a way to perpetually turn off the updating in Firefox?


Dear Terry,

Yes, there is! Firefox is the browser of choice at the Athol Public Library and we have also run into the problem of some services not working with the newer versions of Firefox.

First, open up Firefox and click on Tools in the top menu bar. Next, click on Options. Click on Advanced (image of a gear) then click the small Update tab. You will get a few options regarding updates. In your case, you will probably want to select “Never check for updates” despite it saying it is a security risk. You do have the option for Firefox to check for updates, but they will let you choose to install them or not. Whatever you decide to choose, be sure to click OK after you are ready to go. Close out all your Firefox windows and restart before using it again. Enjoy your update-free Firefox!

          PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!