PC Doctor October 9, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

Something is wrong with the start bar on my computer.  I have had Windows 7 for a while now and this has never happened to me.  In addition, I have no idea how to fix it! Instead of my start bar (or whatever it is called, it is where I click the Windows logo button to get to the rest of my programs) being at the bottom of my screen, it is at the top!  It still works but everything is sort of upside down and I do not like it this way.  Can you help me?


Dear Sandra,

Oh no!  I know how you feel, if my Taskbar (that is what it is officially called) is anywhere except for the bottom of my screen, it just feels weird.

Follow along and we will be back to normal in a flash.  By right clicking on your desktop, a little menu should appear.  Click on Personalize.  A new window will appear on the left bottom side of the box, click on “Taskbar and Start Menu”.  In the Taskbar tab, look for the dropdown menu for “Taskbar Location on screen”.  Change the selection from “Top” to “Bottom”.  If you are feeling adventurous, change it to the left or right!  Click OK, and then close the Personalize window!  Enjoy.

          PC Doctor

Until next time … happy computing!