March & April Art Exhibit: Landscape Oil Paintings by Mari Rovang!

Reception: Tuesday, March 6 from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.


The Athol Public Library will be displaying 10 landscape oil paintings by Mari Rovang in the conference room during March and April. A reception for the artist will be from 5-6:30pm on Tuesday, March 6th, and all friends and interested persons are welcome. Lights refreshments will be served.

Rovang recently had a show of her works at the Wendell Library. Exhibit coordinator Richard Baldwin said: “Rovang has a long history of being involved in creative work. After majoring in art in college she worked professionally in theater in Minneapolis. After moving to Massachusetts she worked at Main Street Millwork, Greenfield, and then worked in mediation services. During that time she painted intermittently. Since retiring in 2011, she has been studying with Penne Krol at Greenfield Community College’s art department and spending weekdays painting.”

The paintings present a wide range of contrasting pictorial elements. Edge treatment varies from sharp to soft, colors run the gamut from cool to warm, and there is a wide range of values from black to almost white. The medium sized works are simply presented with beautiful frames built by her husband, Howard Mathison.

One element all the paintings share is a painterly approach to image making. She applies paint in a loose manner with brush strokes plainly visible. In some, the brush marks of under-painting show through. Details are often only suggested, for example the buildings in the Norway painting, “Sognefjord, Norway”, and the trees and the foliage in all of the works. The edges of shapes are often softened, resulting in cloud-like shapes that that seem to move or vibrate. This treatment results in lively images which mirror the vitality we experience in nature.”

Rovang has continued painting at GCC, and exhibiting in group shows throughout the area. She can be reached at 978-544-7693.

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