PC Doctor December 31, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

I know how to email individual files but is there a way to email a whole folder of files?  Right now, I have to send dozens of emails containing one attachment each when I want to send a series of files.  I have tried to send an email with more than one attachment but it never seems to want to send.  Is there something that I am missing? 

           Thanks, Gloria

Dear Gloria,

Yes, indeed, there is a way to send a folder of files as an attachment in an email.  First, however, you have to “zip” up the folder before you send it.  It will then have to be unzipped once it reaches its destination, so be sure the person who is receiving these files knows how to “unzip” a folder before you try this. 

On a Windows OS computer, right-click the folder you wish to “zip” up and hover over “Send To” and then select “Compressed (zipped) Folder”.  This will create a zipped copy of the folder in the same directory as the original folder.  If the original folder was on your Desktop, the zipped folder will be on your Desktop as well.  The zipped folder icon will typically appear as a folder with a zipper on it.

On a Mac OS computer, either right click or control-click a folder and select “Compress [folder name]”.  The zipped folder will end up in the same place as the non-zipped folder. 

Just upload and send the “.zip” file like any other normal file as an attachment in your email.  To unzip a zipped file, just double click the folder on both PC and Mac to create an unzipped version of the folder.

          Good luck!  PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!