PC Doctor February 15, 2013

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  Dear PC Doctor,

Hello, Thanks for the tip on "mouse pointer shadow"!  I had forgotten that handy thing over the years!

Last time I was at the Library I noticed you used the MalwareBytes program, which by coincidence I saw recommended by OnComp.com also.  Therefore, I tried it (14-day free trial) but question if it is worth the $25.00 price to activate it, as I use Avast (free version) which I like very much, and feel well protected.  What is your opinion?

 Thank you,

Dear Don,

At the Athol Public Library; we use an assortment of software to make sure our computers run safe and clean.  While the PRO version of Malwarebytes has some very nice features, we find that the free version is sufficient for our needs.  I would say that for your personal usage, the free version would be just fine too.  So just, download the free version.

Avast is a great antivirus software program that has many features and defends you against most spyware and viruses that you may encounter.  It is a great program to run on a day-to-day basis even when you do not think you have something present on your computer.  It is great to take precautions and Avast is perfect for that.  Malwarebytes is a bit more specific in combating against certain malware nasties like trojans, worms and spyware.  Avast will typically find these and be able to remove most of these but in super tough situations, Malwarebytes really shines.   

To answer your question however, I would continue using both, but each for different uses.  Avast will be sufficient enough on a daily basis, but if something strikes hard and you want to be sure that you be rid of it, bring out Malwarebytes and let it do a thorough scan. 

Good luck!
         PC Doctor

Until next time.. happy computing!