PC Doctor February 22, 2013

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 Dear PC Doctor,

I have recently started using Google Chrome and I’ve noticed something that I've seen in both Firefox and Chrome and I have no idea what it is.  It’s called “Private Browsing” in Firefox and “Incognito Mode” in Chrome. What exactly is “private” browsing?  When I tried it, I didn’t notice any difference.


Dear Megan,

Most of what those features do is pretty hidden from sight.  In fact, that’s what the main draw of those features is: everything that you do in “Private” browsing or “incognito mode” isn’t recorded to your browsing history.  That means that after you close out your window, no one will be able to know what you were doing by going to check your browsing history or your cookies.  

While in “Incognito mode”, web pages and downloaded files will not be recorded by Google Chrome in your browsing and download histories.  All cookies will be deleted after you close all your windows as well.  However, new bookmarks while in incognito mode will be saved after you close out.

In Firefox, it’s a bit different.  During “Private Browsing”, they won’t keep any browser history, search history, download history, web form history, cookies or temporary internet files.  However, all files downloaded while in Private Browsing will be kept after you close out.

Last of all, using these features doesn’t deter your internet service provider or your employer (if you’re on a work computer) from being able to see what you were up to on your computer.

Good luck!
        PC Doctor

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