PC Doctor March 22, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor,

My work computer was recently updated to Windows 7 (I know it is not the newest but it is new to me!) and I have a question that I hope you can answer about the Taskbar.  On Windows XP, all my software applications would appear in the Taskbar as an icon along with a short text description of the application.  On my Windows 7 computer, all I get are icons on my Taskbar.  No text descriptions and if I have more than one window open with that application, they get stacked so I have to click the icon then click the window I want in the little bubble that pops up.  Is there a way I can change it back to how it was on my Windows XP computer?


         Thanks, Shawn

Dear Shawn,

Thanks for your great question!  I ran into this problem (or rather feature) a bit back so I know exactly how to help you out.

Using your mouse or touch pad, right-click your Taskbar.  A little context menu should appear.  At the bottom of the menu click on “Properties”.  A new window will appear for Taskbar settings.  Here you can change the Taskbar appearance, size and location.  Under Taskbar appearance, click on the drop down menu for “Taskbar buttons:”.  Out of the three options, I would recommend using “Combine when Taskbar is full”.  This will give you the text descriptions like Windows XP, however, if you run out of room in the Taskbar because you have too many windows and applications open, they will start stacking like Windows 7.  It is a nice hybrid between XP and 7.  If you wish to go XP all the way, just select “Never combine” and click Apply in the bottom right corner of the window.  Close the window and enjoy your functional Taskbar!

Good luck!
         PC Doctor