PC Doctor February 17, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor, 

     A few of my friends have been updating their Facebook account via their Twitter updates. I just signed up for Twitter, and I'm curious on how I can go about doing the same. How can I update my Facebook account through Twitter? Thanks!




Dear Caitlin,

    Cool beans! Twitter is a lot fun! Though having to update both Twitter and Facebook, whenever you want to say something becomes tiresome. So here's how to publish Twitter "Tweets" to your Facebook. 

    Log-in to your Facebook account. Type in the search box "Twitter." The first application that pops up is the one that you need, there are a few other similar apps out there, but this one Twitter itself manages. Once you have the Twitter application page open, click on "Go to Application" in the upper left-hand corner. Facebook will ask if you are sure that you want to ‘Allow the application’ "Twitter," hit the "Allow" button if you’re comfortable with installing the app. Next you will be prompted to log into Twitter, so enter your log-in info. This will open Twitter under Facebook's website, click on the long gray button entitled "Allow Twitter to Update your Facebook Account." Following that Facebook will ask you if wish to ‘Allow Status Updates’.  Hit the blue Allow button when you are sure. And presto! Give it a test run by opening Twitter and trying a test Tweet. It should appear on your Facebook account a few seconds later. Have fun with Twitter!


PC Doctor



PC Doctor's Tip of the Week: Disabling Internet Explorer

    Not a fan of Microsoft's Internet Explorer? Already using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and you just don't to deal with IE anymore? Well unfortunately you can't completely remove it from a Windows machine, but you can disable it if you are a Windows 7 user! Here's how to do it.

    Go to the "Programs and Features" section in the Control Panel. (Click Start menu > Control Panel > "Programs and Features" icon) Once you've opened "Programs and Features," find and click the "Turn Windows features On or Off" link, which will be on the left-hand side of the Window pane. The Windows Feature pane will open up, and here you want to uncheck the box next to "Internet Explorer 8." A confirmation box will appear, asking if you're sure that you want to disable Internet Explorer. As long as you have another Internet browser installed, such as Firefox or Chrome, than you are fine. Go ahead and hit "Yes" in the Confirmation box. Now click the "Ok" button to save the settings for the Windows Features pane, whereupon a progress notification bar will appear showing you the progress of Windows turning IE off. Once completed you will be prompted to restart your computer, which you should do right away. Upon rebooting your computer, Internet Explorer will be gone. Anything linked with IE will now default to one of your other Internet browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox.


Until next time… happy computing!