PC Doctor April 12, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor,

Do you have any idea why Google Chrome will not load on my Windows 7 – 64 bits computer?  I downloaded and installed it and it comes up blank.


Dear Gloria,

Sometimes, if you are reinstalling a web browser bits and pieces from the last installed version remain and create conflicts.  If this is the case, try this out.  Click on the Chrome menu button in the upper right of the toolbar.  Select Tools and then select Clear browsing data.  Check the boxes for everything and then select beginning of time to delete everything.  Finally click Clear browsing data and then restart your computer.

If this does not correct your issue, click the Chrome menu button in the upper right again.  This time click on “About Google Chrome”.  A window will appear detailing the latest version of Google Chrome.  Check to make sure it is the latest and if need be click OK to complete an update.  After updating, be sure to close Chrome and reopen it.

Good luck!
         PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!