PC Doctor April 19, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor:

I just bought a Windows 8 computer and wow, is it different. I cannot find where to turn it off.  Honestly, I just hit the on/off button because there is no Start button at the bottom and I cannot find anything. Where do I shut it off for starters? 


Dear Paul:

You are not kidding that it is different!  It took me a minute to find that too.  If you have a touch screen monitor you swipe (slide your finger across the screen) from the right hand, side of monitor towards the middle and a menu type bar will display.  Tap on Settings and then Power.  From that menu, tap on Shut Down and it will turn off.  If you don’t have a touch screen, then point your mouse at the upper right hand of the screen and the menu will open up, again on the right hand side.  Click on Settings, then Power, and then Shut down.

Some of the new information about Windows 8 is that you might not really need to shut your computer off entirely.  If you put your computer in sleep mode instead, the PC will start faster and it uses little power.  If the battery gets too low, Windows will automatically shut the computer down properly so no worries on that part.  For a laptop, just shut the cover and it will go into sleep mode or follow the procedure above to shut down and instead select ‘Sleep’.  It’s all a matter of preference.  Since I tend to work at several different wireless locations, I tend to shut mine off completely at night and start over in the morning but your situation may be different.

            PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!