PC Doctor June 29, 2018

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Dear PC Doctor:

I have an older computer and I’m starting to get concerned about it dying and losing all my stuff. Can I start backing up my important things on the cloud now? How do I get an account?



Dear F:

Yes, you can back up your files in the cloud. Storing things in the cloud means you’re backing it up onto the internet. To do this, you’ll need an internet connection and an account. More than likely, you already have an account that is connected with cloud storage options.

If your email address is @gmail, you have free cloud storage with Google Drive. (Go to google.com, Sign in, click the apps grid in the upper right, click Drive.)

If your email address is @hotmail, @outlook, @msn, @live, you have free cloud storage with Microsoft OneDrive. (Sign in to your email, click the apps grid in the upper left, click OneDrive.)

If you have an Apple ID and password with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, you have free cloud storage with iCloud Drive. (Go to icloud.com, sign in, click iCloud Drive.)

You can follow the specific instructions for the cloud service you are using. Typically, there will be an option to upload the file you want to back up. You’ll select the file’s location on your computer and ask the service to upload it to your account. Not only will it be backed up, but you’ll be able to access it from any device with an internet connection, as long as you have your user name and password. If you eventually get a new computer, you can then download any of these files to your new machine.

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Happy Computing!

PC Doctor