PC Doctor July 20, 2018

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Dear PC Doctor:

I love reading the Athol Public Library’s new book list in the Athol Daily News. Usually, I clip and save it so that I know what I’m looking for when I visit the library. Sometimes, my partner is too quick with putting the paper out for recycling, and I end up without a copy. Is it available electronically anywhere?

Signed, Avid Reader of News and Novels

Dear Avid:


The library’s webmaster posts each new materials list to the library’s website, once it has appeared in the newspaper. To see it, visit www.athollibrary.org. On the right side, under the heading photo, you will see a search box. Type “New Materials” in that box. Hit the “Enter” key. You will see all the new book lists, in chronological order, with newest listed first. Enjoy!

Until next time,
Happy Computing

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