PC Doctor September 7, 2018

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Dear PC Doctor:

I got a new computer and I had to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I’m lost! Nothing is where I expect it to be and there are so many colors! How can I learn how to use Windows 10?



Dear Stan:

I feel your pain! Switching operating systems always feels like a challenge at first. However, there are many resources available to help you get accustomed to your new computer.

If you click on the small Windows icon in the lower left of your start screen, and then look at the left-hand column that appears, you will see the word “Tips.” Click there, and you will be taken to a wealth of tips and instructions for using Windows 10. Read through those and experiment with your computer, and you will likely feel much more comfortable with your new system.

Our local libraries also have many resources that can help you. A quick search of our regional library catalog (www.cwmars.org) shows several pages of books devoted to Windows 10. Visit your library to request one.

If you are comfortable with internet searching, type “Windows 10 tutorial” into your browser’s search box. You will get many, many hits, and the majority of them will teach you something about using Windows 10.

Until next time,

Happy Computing!

PC Doctor

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