PC Doctor November 9, 2018

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Dear PC Doctor:

My email has stopped working. I get this message: “Connections to server incoming verizon.net on the default ports timed out. Verizon settings for account Verizon.net server returned the error.” What can I do? It’s a mac mini computer running a version of OS 10. It’s always worked before.

Thank you!



Dear Mac:

I looked up that error message on the Apple help site. Apple suggests that your provider (Verizon) might be having an outage. The first (and possibly easiest) potential solution would be to call your provider and see what they have to say. If there’s not an outage, they can probably walk you through checking your mail settings to see if everything is entered correctly.

The Apple help site also suggests that the problem might be tied to the version of the operating system you are using. The most current Apple OS is Mojave, 10.14. Have you recently updated?

Take a look at your mail window. On the upper right hand side, does it say “Network Offline”? You can run a program called Mail Connection Doctor to help you troubleshoot. Open the Mail app, then choose Window > Connection Doctor from the menu bar. If you're connected to the Internet but Mail Connection Doctor shows a red dot next to one or more of your accounts, check the Details column for more information about the issue.

I hope this helps.
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