PC Doctor December 14, 2018

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’d like to share some of my videos on YouTube. How do I do that?



Dear K:

If you are comfortable with computers and the internet, uploading your videos to YouTube will not be hard.

First, you need to sign up for a Google account. Then, go to the website, www.youtube.com. Click the button on the upper right that says “Sign In.” Sign in with your Google account. Then, click the image of a video camera (also on the upper right). From the drop down menu, choose “upload video.” On the next screen, click on the upward-pointing arrow to browse your device for the video you want to upload. There is also an option to upload video from your Google Photos account. To control who can see your video, use the pull-down menu below the arrow and choose “Public”, “Unlisted”, “Private”, or “Scheduled”. “Public” means anyone can see your video; “Private” means only people you invite may see your video – They won’t be able to share it and it won’t show in any searches; “Unlisted” means anyone given the video’s direct link can view it. It won’t come up in a search but if you send it to someone, they’ll be able to share it. “Scheduled” is like scheduling any other social media post – You can choose when it will become visible in hopes of capturing more of your target audience.

I hope this helps.
Until next time,
Happy Computing!

PC Doctor

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