PC Doctor February 15, 2019

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Dear PC Doctor,

I went to my local library to get federal income tax forms. The friendly staff person at the desk told me they would be in soon, but they didn’t have them yet. She mentioned that I could access them online, but I don’t remember how. Can you help?


Ready to File

Dear Ready to File:


The IRS has a website from which you can download and print any forms you might need. Go to https://www.irs.gov/forms-instructions. You will be able to search for forms for this past year as well as old forms you might need for any prior years. The instructions are all there, too!

In addition, the IRS is promoting tax preparation software that is reputable, reliable, and free of charge to qualifying filers. You can access their official portal to these resources by visiting www.irs.gov/freefile.

Another service the IRS is promoting this year is Tax Time Allies. The Tax Time Allies program is designed to help inform communities about the free IRS-sponsored tax preparation resources available to qualifying taxpayers, and to show them how these resources can help them save more and improve their overall financial health. To learn more, visit www.taxtimeallies.org. From this site, you may be able to find free, local tax help.

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Happy Computing!

PC Doctor

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