PC Doctor June 21, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor,

Hotmail has recently switched to Outlook for e-mail.  I can't figure out how to put a new contact into the contact list.  Also, how do you delete a contact from the contact list?  I think contacts are now referred to as "People" but I still can't do it.  Help!


Dear Sally,

Yes, Contacts are now referred to as People which makes adding a contact or deleting a contact to your contact list a bit different from when it was just Hotmail.

To add someone to your contact list, go to the upper left of your screen next to the Outlook logo and click the arrow pointing down.  In the menu that appears, click People.  This will bring you to the People page.  If you click the button labeled +New in the top menu, you'll get a form to create a new contact.  Be sure to click save at the bottom to save them when finished.  They'll now appear as a contact in Outlook email.

To delete a contact, you'll need to find them in your People list.  Either type their name in the search box on the left or scroll through the list to find their name.  If you click on their name the details will appear on the right.  In the orange bar at the top you'll see different options, including Delete.  If you click the button a window will pop up asking you to confirm the deletion.  Click Delete again to finalize it.


Good luck! PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!