PC Doctor April 29, 2019

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Dear PC Doctor:

I recently got a new laser printer. It has been using toner at an alarming rate, and it’s costing a fortune! On our old printer, there were buttons up on top that I could press to reset the toner counter and get a little more use out of each cartridge. This printer doesn’t have those buttons! Also, back in the old days, we used to shake the toner cartridges to get more pages printed. These packages say right on them that we shouldn’t shake them. Do you know of anything I can do to save a little money on my printing? I do need to print and the prints have to look good.



Dear Elise:

You didn’t say what model printer you’re using - here’s something you can try from your computer if you’re using a version of Windows. Open your Control Panel. Choose Printers (or Devices and Printers). Select the icon for your printer. Choose Print Options (or Adjust Print Options). On the window that opens up, look for the Advanced tab along the top. Open the Advanced tab. Click in the box next to Toner Save Mode.

I hope this helps!
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