PC Doctor September 20, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor:

I connect to the Internet at home with my wireless router.  It used to work great but, lately, my connection gets dropped a lot.  Do I need a new router?

     Sincerely, Grover

Dear Grover:

If you’re having trouble with your wireless, here are a few things to check: Is your router in the same place?  Has a new barrier come up between your computer and the router (like a wall or large piece of furniture)?  Have you added new devices, such as a baby monitor, microwave, or telephone?  Any of these can disrupt your signal.

If none of the above has changed, it might be time to update your router’s firmware. To do that, locate the official website of your router’s manufacturer.  From there, you can download drivers and firmware.  That might help.

The trick that works most often, however, is to turn the router off!  In fact, turn off your modem, router, and computer all at the same time.  Wait a full minute on the clock, and then re-start all three.

I hope one of these ideas will help you!

Until next time… Happy computing!
    PC Doctor