PC Doctor November 15, 2013

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Dear PC Doctor:
My DVD player is broken and I haven’t gotten a new one yet.  Someone suggested I could watch DVDs on my computer.  Is this true?  How?

         Thank you, David
Dear David:
If your laptop has a DVD player and DVD playback software installed, you can use it to watch DVDs.
To play a DVD on your computer:
Insert the DVD into your computer.
If nothing happens, open My Computer, right-click your DVD drive, and then click Autoplay.
If prompted, click Play DVD Video using Windows Media Player and select the Always do the selected action check box.  Then click OK.
Windows plays your DVD using Windows Media Player.  Here's how to control the movie:
Watch the movie full-screen.  Right-click the movie display area, and then click Full Screen.
Return from full-screen mode.  Right-click the movie display area, and then click Exit Full Screen.
Pause the movie.  Click the Pause button in the lower-left corner.
Resume playback after pausing.  Click the Play button in the lower-left corner.
Skip to a different place in the movie.  Drag the slider to quickly skip forward or backward through the movie.
Until next time…Happy Computing!

      PC Doctor