Program: Morphine Dream Author Visit and Inspirational Talk

Feb. 4 at 6:00 pm

On Tuesday, February 4th at 6:00 pm at the Athol Public Library, Donald L. Brown, Massachusetts author, will present an inspiring talk about his life experiences and his new book, The Morphine Dream.

Starting at age 13 when his father's suicide spun his family into chaos, Donald Brown found himself swirling in a sea of uncertainty.  He rebelled, was labeled a loser; dropped out of high school; and put a promising baseball career on hold to join the Marines.  A bizarre accident put his plans out of reach so he settled for a factory job where an industrial accident crushed his knee and left him wheelchair-bound.  Doctors told him he'd never walk again.  Then, his marriage failed.  Brown felt utterly defeated.

While on morphine for pain Brown dreamed he would graduate from Harvard Law School and walk across America.  Everyone told him he was crazy.  Undeterred, over the next few years, Brown would accomplish both goals.

This awe-inspiring story chronicles Brown's journey, both physical and metaphorical, to recalibrate his life.  From Boston to Big Sur, from the factory floor to the halls of the Ivy League, this book celebrates determination and courage and offers hope for those who need to reboot their lives.  The Morphine Dream will leave you cheering. 

For area residents, this presentation should be of great interest as Brown was a resident of Orange when he suffered the injury that led him on his journey.  In fact, the "morphine dream" (which was an actual event), occurred when Mr. Brown was a resident of Orange.  He has appeared in the area several times.  He has been featured on Athol Orange Cable TV, did a live interview on WJDF Orange, and has spoken at Athol High School and the Orange Public Library.

Mr. Brown’s presentations are a rare opportunity to hear the amazingly inspirational and entertaining story of his unique life experiences.

Copies of Morphine Dream will be available for patrons to borrow.  Just visit the adult circulation desk.  Mr. Brown will also be selling ($25) and signing copies at the event.