PC Doctor March 30, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:

            I just got Windows 7 on my new computer and there are some items along the right hand side of the screen that I understand I can change or add to.  Can you help me with this?


Dear Ron:

            Those things are called Gadgets and you can customize those easily!  Handy Gadgets often used are a calendar, clock, news updates, weather information or photo slide show.  Just right click on the area where the gadgets are and a drop down menu will open up.  Choose ‘Add Gadgets’.  A box will open up with some choices.  If you see something you like just drag it over to your gadget area.  You will notice ‘get more gadgets online’ in the bottom right of that window.  To see more choices, just click on that link.  Also in the upper right is a search box to look for a specific gadget.

            If you have gadgets that you don’t want, just look to the side of the gadget as you move your mouse over it and you will see a little tool box that you can either delete it or manage it.  You can also right click on a particular gadget and delete that way.  Have fun.

                        PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            What is a media card reader?


Dear Adrian:

            It’s a small piece of equipment that you connect to your computer so that you can insert a memory card such as those used in cameras.  Usually there are a number of slots in the reader so that it will take a variety of card sizes.  To use it just open up your camera and take out your memory card (be sure the camera is off).  Plug the card reader into your USB slot and wait a minute for the computer to recognize it.  Find the correct slot on the reader for your size card and insert it.  Usually the AutoPlay feature on the computer will open a window giving you different options from viewing the pictures to importing them.  Make your selection.  Either wait until you shut the computer down to remove the card reader or right click the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ icon in the bottom right system tray.

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            I am working on a paper in Word and have saved my document.  I went in and made some changes and saved it again.  The problem is that I wanted to go back and see how I did it the first time but unfortunately saving it covered over the old document with the new one.  Any suggestions to handle this?


Dear Dianne:

            I have found the best way is to save under different names using the date.  So if the document was called Payroll, the first one made on January 12, 2009 would be called Payroll011209.  The next one on January 13, 2009 would be named Payroll011309 and so on.  Otherwise you could print out each version and save it, but that is not very green plus it takes up lots of file cabinet space.  I will say that I do print a copy occasionally just in case there is some catastrophe, at least I would have a version in print.

            PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!