PC Doctor February 21, 2014

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Dear PC Doctor:

I hear there are keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8 that can make my life easier.  Do you know any?

      Thanks, Aiden

Dear Aiden:

Yes!  To use these keyboard shortcuts, just press the Windows key (to the left of the space bar) and the appropriate character key at the same time.

Windows + E: This combination launches Windows Explorer, which will enable you to locate files on your computer, hard drives, or network.

Windows + F: This shortcut opens the Search utility and defaults to finding document files.  Very handy when you’re not sure where you saved that important work file!

Windows + Q: Use this one to find the location of an app you’ve lost track of.

Windows + C: provides easy access to your Windows 8 “Charms” menu.

I hope you find these useful!

Until next time… Happy Computing!

        PC Doctor