PC Doctor April 11, 2014

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Dear PC Doctor:

We have a Staff Manual at work.  Because we are always improving the ways we do things, the manual is constantly changing.  As a result, I often have to re-read it and update the table of contents so the page numbers actually refer staff to the pages with the right information!  I know there has to be an easier way than checking each page number and updating it by hand.  I am working in Microsoft Word.  Can you help?


Dear Dianne:

Yes!  There is an easier way.  Here are the directions for Microsoft Word 2007:

First, read through your staff manual and decide which things are Headings and which are Sub-headings.  For each Heading, highlight the words you want to appear on the Table of Contents and click the box labeled “Heading 1.” (You will see it across the top of the screen.)

Next, do the same thing for each of the Sub-headings.  Highlight those and choose “Heading 2.”

Go to the front of your Staff Manual.  Click in the place in the document where you want Word to insert the Table of Contents.  Look for the “References” tab at the top of your screen.  Click “References.” You’ll get a new series of menus at the top of your screen.  Click the one that says “Table of Contents.” (You should see it on the far left.) Word will give you a pull-down menu with Table of Contents style choices.  Click the one you prefer.

Now, don’t despair if you do not like the automatic style settings for your Table of Contents headings.  To change them to the font and size you want, right click the heading icon and choose “Modify.” You will be able to choose what suits you best.

Each time to make changes to the document, go to the “References” tab and click “Update Table.” Voila!  Your Table of Contents will update.

Until next time…Happy Computing!

      PC Doctor