New Materials June 5, 2014

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JUNE 5, 2014


Andrews, Mary Kay – Save the Date

Atkins, Ace – Robert B. Parker’s Cheap Shot

Berry, Steve – Lincoln Myth

Bledsoe, Alex – He Drank, and Saw the Spider

Butcher, Jim – Skin Game

Cannell, Dorothy – Murder at Mullings

Carlisle, Kate – The Book Stops Here

Coffey, Rebecca – Hysterical

Davenport, Randi – The End of Always

Davis, Lydia – Can’t and Won’t

Deaver, Jeffrey – The Skin Collector

Dovlatov, Sergei – Pushkin Hills

Dubois, Brendan – Fatal Harbor

Francis, Patry – Orphans of Race Point

Furst, Alan – Midnight in Europe

Gaynor, Hazel – The Girl Who Came Home

Giffin, Emily – The One and Only

Graedon, Alena – Word Exchange

Harris, Evelyn – The Marrying of Chani Kaufman

Hart, Carolyn – Death at the Door

Hashimi, Nadia – The Pearl that Broke its Shell

Hauser, C.J. – The From-Always

Hayes, Terry – I am Pilgrim

Hemmings, Kaui – Possibilities

Henderson, Dee – Undetected

Hill, Susan – Mist in the Mirror

Hood, Evelyn – Festival in Prior’s Ford

Hunter, Stephen – Sniper’s Honor

Johnson, Craig – Any Other Name

Kohler, Sheila – Dreaming for Freud

Lane, Johanna – Black Lake

Lentricchia, Frank – Dog Killer of Utica

Lescroart, John – The Keeper

Macomber, Debbie – Country Bride

Moose, Ruth – Doing It at the Dixie Dew

Palka, Kurt – Clara

Palmer, Michael – Resistant

Pasulka, Brigid – Sun and Other Stars

Paull, Laline – The Bees

Phelan, Tom – The Canal Bridge

Rivers, Francine – Bridge to Haven

Rowland, Amy – The Transcriptionist

Sandford, John – Field of Prey

Shepard, Sara – The Heiresses

Spindler, Erica – Longer Than

Trenow, Liz – The Forgotten Seamstress

Wu, Mingyi – Man With the Compound Eyes



Aly, Gotz – Why the Germans?  Why the Jews?

Armstrong, Sally – Uprising

Becker, Jo – Forcing the Spring

Blaser, Martin – Missing Microbes

Braun, Adam – Promise of a Pencil

Carter, Jimmy – A Call to Action

Chin, Ava – Eating Wildly

Depino, Catherine – Fire Up Your Life in Retirement

Gallo, Carmine – Talk Like Ted

Gierach, John – All Fishermen are Liars

Gigerenzer, Gerd – Risk Savvy

Greenwald, Glenn – No Place to Hide

Gregg, Justin – Are Dolphins Really Smart?

Harris, Dan – 10% Happier

Heacox, Kim – John Muir and the Ice that Started a Fire

Hutton, Joe – Touching the Wild

Jamison, Leslie – Empathy Exams

Kendall, Jason – Throwback

Kibbe, Matt – Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take their Stuff

Lewis, Anna – Women of Steel and Stone

Lewis, Michael – Flash Boys

Lourie, Bruce – Toxin Toxout

MacLean, David – Answer to the Riddle is Me

McGruther, Jennifer – Nourished Kitchen

Meyer, Joyce – You Can Begin Again

Moore-Gilbert, B.J. – Setting Sun

Nelson, Robert – Freezing People is (Not) Easy

Prins, Marcel – Hidden Like Anne Frank

Thomas, Marlo – It Ain’t Over…Till It’s Over

Zasloff, Beth – Hold Fast to Dreams



Alexander, Tamera – A Beauty So Rare

Boggs, Johnny – Valley of Fire

Hunter, Denise – Dancing with Fireflies



Barr, Damian – Maggie and Me

Brockmeier, Kevin – A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip

Eyman, Scott – John Wayne

Greer, Judy – I Don’t Know What You Know Me From

Guha, Ramachandra – Gandhi Before India

Lowe, Rob – Love Life

Nunez, Elizabeth – Not for Everyday Use

Perry, Douglas – Eliot Ness

Robbins, Tom – Tibetan Peach Pie

Roberts, Robin – Everybody’s Got Something

Ross, John – Enduring Courage

Theall, Michelle – Teaching the Cat to Sit

Warren, Elizabeth – A Fighting Chance



Harris, Charlaine – Midnight Crossroad

Knight, Michelle – Finding Me

Sandford, John – Field of Prey



3 Days to Kill

About Last Night

Call the Midwife: Season 3

Endless Love

I, Frankenstein

Life Above All

Story of the Jews with Simon Schama

Take Shelter

That Awkward Moment

The Art of the Steal

The Mindy Project: Season One

The Monuments Men

The Punk Singer

Vampire Academy

Vampyre Nation



3 Days to Kill

Life Above All

The Monuments Men