Children’s New Materials August 20, 2014

Latest materials for children at the Athol Public Library!

The following new materials are available for check out from the Children’s Room at the Athol Public Library:


Alagna, Magdalena - The Great Fire of London of 1666

Alexander, Carol - Grains

Anderson, Jenna - How it Happens at the ATV Plant

Anderson, Jenna - How it Happens at the Truck Plant

Apel, Melanie  - The Yellowstone Park Fire of 1988

Bauer, David  - Mi Manzano/My Apple Tree

Baumbusch, Brigitte  - Cats in Art

Baumbusch, Brigitte - Flowers in Art

Baumbusch, Brigitte - Nature in Art

Becker, Helaine  - Zoobots: Wild robots Inspired by Real Animals

Broyles, Janell  - The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911

Catala, Ellen -  Quines nos Protegen?/Who Keeps Us Safe?

Curry, Don  -  Take Care of Your Eyes

DeCapua, Sarah  - Niagara Falls

DerKazarian, Susan  - Fruits and Vegetables

DerKazarian, Susan  - You Have Healthy Bones!

DerKazarian, Susan   - You Have Head Lice

Doorley, Rachelle -  Tinkerlab: A Hand-On Guide for Little Inventor Farwell, Nick  - Minecraft: Redstone Handbook

Fowler, Allan -  Moscow

Frederick, Dawn  -  How it Happens at the Post Office

Gordon, Sharon  -  Earaches

Gordon, Sharon  -  Food Safety

Gordon, Sharon  -  Pinkeye

Gordon, Sharon  - Tasting

Hofstetter, Adam  -  Softball: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and Safety

Holub, Joan  -  My First Book of Sign Language

Kalman, Bobbie  - Baby Lemurs

LiBretto, Ellen  - The General Slocum Steamboat Fire of 1904

Marx, Christy - The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Milton, Stephanie  - Minecraft: Combat Handbook

Milton, Stephanie  -  Minecraft: Essential Handbook

O’Brien, Stephen -   The Ultimate Player’s Guide to Minecraft

Porterfield, Jason  - Baseball: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and Safety

Randolph, Joanne  -   Electricity in My World

Randolph, Joanne  - Gears in My World

Randolph, Joanne  -  Inclined Planes in My World

Randolph, Joanne  - Levers in My World

Randolph, Joanne  - Light in My World

Randolph, Joanne -  Pulleys in My World

Randolph, Joanne  -  Sounds in My World

Randolph, Joanne   -  Wedges in My World

Randolph, Joanne  - Police Cars

Resnick, Jon -  Orly the Orangutan

Ring, Susan  -  Cuidando a las Mosscotas/Taking Care of Pets

Rocker, Megan  - How it Happens at the Fireworks Factory

Rocker, Megan  -  How it Happens at the Cereal Company

Roza, Greg -   Paintball: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and Safety

Shofner, Shawndra -  How it Happens at the Ice Cream Factory

Shofner, Shawndra  -  How it Happens at the TV Station

Smalley, Carol  -  Fats, Oils, and Sweets

Taylor-Butler, Christine  - The Missouri River

Thompson, Ruth  -  The Life Cycle of a Bean

Thompson, Ruth  -   The Life Cycle of a Cat

Thompson, Ruth   -   The Life Cycle of a Chicken

Thompson, Ruth   -  The Life Cycle of a Frog

Thompson, Ruth   -  The Life Cycle of a Honeybee

Thompson, Ruth  -  The Life Cycle of a Salmon

Trumbauer, Lisa  -  Agua/Water

Trumbauer, Lisa  -  Que es un Insecto?/What is an Insect?

Wade, Mary   -  Map Scales

Wade, Mary - Types of Maps

Weber, Valerie  -  African Rock Pythons

Weber, Valerie  -  Boa Constrictors

Wingate, Brian  - Football: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and Safety

Wingate, Brian  - Soccer: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and Safety

Zollman, Pam  - Lake Tahoe