PC Doctor October 17, 2014

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Dear PC Doctor:
I keep track of everything I read by writing reviews on goodreads.com.  I recently was thinking how sad I’d be if I ever lost access to them.  Is there any way to save them to my hard drive or back them up?
     Thanks, Roxy
Dear Roxy:
Yes.  Log in to your goodreads account as you always do.  Click on “My Books.” Scroll all the way down, almost to the bottom of the page.  Click “import/export.” On the right, you will see “Export Your Books - export to a csv file .“ Click “export to a csv file.” Goodreads will export to your desktop a table (like a spreadsheet) that contains all of the information in your goodreads. It’s not very elegant or easy to read, but it is all there.
Another thing you can do is set up a Blogger or Wordpress blog (both currently still free), and export each of your reviews to the blog.  This provides an easy to read back up that can also be printed in a readable format.  To do this, scroll down on your “My Books” page again, this time choosing “widgets.” When you get to the widgets page, click on the “apps” tab.  The Blogger/Wordpress box is on the bottom right.  Click there and follow the on screen instructions.
Until next time …Happy Computing!
      PC Doctor