PC Doctor July 22, 2019

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Dear PC Doctor:

I need to know my computer’s IP address. I have no idea what this means. How do I find it?

Thanks, Rob

Dear Rob,

Your computer’s IP address is the string of numbers that identifies it to communicate over a network. IP means internet protocol.

To find yours on a Windows 10 machine, click on the window in the lower left corner of your start screen. When you click, a column of symbols should appear over the window. Click the cog (Settings). In Settings, choose “Network & Internet.” In the Status box that opens, choose “View your network properties.” Look for where it says “IPv4 Address:” Next to that you will see your computer’s IP address.

In Windows 7, open Network Connections by clicking on the Start button and choosing “Control Panel.” In the search box, type “adapter” (without the quotation marks). Then, under “Network and Sharing Center” select “View Network Connections.” Select an active network connection. Click “View status of this connection.” Select “Details.” You will see your computer’s IP address in the “Value” column, next to “IPv4 address.”

If you are using a mac computer running OSX, follow these steps to learn your computer’s IP address: From the Apple menu pull down “System Preferences.” Then, click on the “Network” preference pane. Your IP address will be visible to the right.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy computing!

PC Doctor

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