Booked for Lunch: Let’s Talk About Books Round Table!

Monday, 8/26/19 at Noon. A discussion where we talk about the best and worst books we’ve read this year.

Come join the discussion!

August Roundtable for Web_custom

Let's talk about books!
Every August we get together and talk books - not about just one, but about all the books we've been reading!
The page turners, the summer's hottest, and the ones that kept us up all night! This is a chance to share recommendations and discuss if the best seller really was worth waiting 3 months for. We also talk about the ones that let us down.

This roundtable discussion is open to everyone and is the perfect chance get together and talk about our favorite reads. Get your list together and mark your calendar.
Join Robin Brz. and the Booked for Lunch discussion group on Monday, August 26 from noon - 1:00.