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Dear PC Doctor:

I regularly email a large group of people from my iPad. Each time, I use the address list from a previous message – but there are people to add, and people who don’t want to get the emails anymore. Someone told me I can create a group and just choose the group as the recipient. I don’t really know what that means. Can you help?

Thank you,


Dear Jennifer:

Yes! You can send a group email by creating the group as a Contact. Instead of entering one email address in the Contact, you’ll enter the addresses for all the people you want in that group.

Open your Contacts app. Tap + to set up a new contact. In the Last name or Company text box, enter a name for the email group. Scroll down to the Notes section. Enter every email address you want to add to the group, separated by commas. For example, an email group for people in a company would look like this:

person1@company.com, person8@company.com, boss@company.com

In the Notes text box, tap and hold anywhere for a couple of seconds to display the context menu. Choose Select All to highlight everything in the Notes area, then choose Copy. Scroll up and tap add email. Tap the Email text box and select Paste to paste all the addresses you just copied. Tap Done to save the new email group.

To send an email to all the addresses in a mailing list or group, open the Contacts app. Open the contact entry for the email group. Select mail to create a new email to the group. The Mail app opens and populates the To field with the email addresses in the group. Tap Send to send the group email.

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