Introducing Britannica Fundamentals!

Another amazing online resource you can use for free!

You may have noticed some new buttons on the top of our web page. We've moved several of our digital resources to make them easier for you to find. One of them is Britannica Fundamentals!

This interactive learning experience paves the way for learning. Young children from pre-Kindergarten through second grade will love the activities offered in this safe learning environment. And the activities align with the content areas children would be learning about in school—from language and literacy to geography and mathematics. Britannica Fundamentals! supports classroom curriculum while also building digital literacy.

For parents and teachers: Britannica Fundamentals! had a comprehensive and user-friendly Teacher Guide. To find it, click on the Britannica Fundamentals! button and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find tips for teaching, lesson plans, and more!