PC Doctor June 17, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I have an iPhone and Siri has stopped working.  When I hold down the home button, Siri comes on, and I can see the text of Siri asking me what I want, but I can’t hear the Siri voice and the program can’t hear me.  What’s happening?  I have sound for phone calls, music, etc. 




Dear Willa:

Other iPhone users have reported having similar problems.  Here’s something that sounds silly, but that many people have had success with.  Turn Siri off.  Then, turn Siri on again.  It’s just like the old ‘unplug and count 30 seconds, then plug back in.’

To turn Siri off, go to Settings, and choose General.  Choose Siri, and slide it to off (so that no green shows).  Turn off your phone.  Give it a minute then, turn the phone and Siri back on.

If that doesn’t work, try cleaning your iPhone’s microphone with a can of compressed air.

Until Next Time,

Happy Computing!

   PC Doctor